Review for Long distance move

The first removal van arrived at 8:00 as scheduled.

Prior to the move. I double checked the move could still go ahead. And all was confirmed.

At 10am, I was informed the second van wasn’t coming due to a break down and no back up vans were available.

I was stuck with half a house loaded and 3 kids. Thankfully my friend managed to pull together to source a van and she drove 5 hours with us and our belongings! We had to leave a few things behind, which another friend kindly removed for me.

The guys were polite and seemed hard working taking care of our possessions. But at the new address, the wardrobe doors were damaged. The garden table wasn’t put back together, bags of clothes and boxes were left in the back garden.

It was an extremely long day for all involved.
Whilst we cannot predict machinery breaking down. Taking in a big job with out back up is not good business.

This was not a simple move and some lessons were learnt all round! Thankfully I won’t be moving home fir a while!!

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